What is Safe Families?

     Safe Families for Children is a ministry of families giving hope to parents and children in crisis (medical issues, homelessness, isolation, recovering from substance abuse and many other life challenges).

     Safe Families is a national movement of the church to help families stay out of the child welfare system and looks to provide healthy supports around the entire family.

     Volunteer families are screened and supported as they host children for a short period of time while the parent(s) handles a crisis. Parents maintain custody of their children throughout this process and Safe Families is committed to reuniting families as soon as possible.

     There are many unique opportunities to help this ministry as it supports both children and parents. You can visit safe-families.org for more details about this wonderful ministry.

     It is our desire to increase the number of volunteers and servants available for families in need. Please see the form below for more ideas on how you can help Safe Families or simply contact Joy Gray at 576-5408 or joygraysffc@gmail.com.


If you are interested in helping in this ministry

please complete the following form

and Joy will contact you within a week from receiving the form.

 Host Children
 Host Parent & Child together
 Age 0-5
 Age 6-12
 Age 13-18
 No Hosting
 Safe Family Church Leadership Team
 Help with Intake
 Transport Children to Safe Family homes
 Safe Family Community Leadership Team
 Help engage other churches
 Financial Counseling
 Pastoral Care
 Addiction Recovery
 Auto Repair
 Day Care
 Mentoring a child
 Mentoring a teen
 Mentoring an adult
 Cleaning/organizing home
 Employment assistance
 Housing assistance
 Spiritual Mentoring
 Parent Support assistance
 Errand running
 Minor appliance (kitchen)
 Minor appliance (other)
 Major appliances
 Baby equipment
 Baby supplies
 Baby/kids toys/books
 Baby furniture
 Bedroom/beds furniture
 Childrens furniture
 Dining/kitchen furniture
 Livingroom furniture
 Baby clothing
 Children's clothing
 Adult clothing