Angel Aquirre

Evangelical Prison Association of Ecuador
Quito Ecuador
c/o Palm Missionary Ministries, Inc.
1315 Campo Sano
Coral Gables, FL 33146-1165   


Angel is Director of ACEE. He is a former prisoner who is working with current and former prisoners. He conducts Bible studies and services in the prisons. The association works with families of prisoners and conducts special programs for their children. Chaplains work in the prisons with both men and women. Angel lives with his children and their families who are all involved in the ministry. Angel coordinates the Chaplain ministry in Ecuador as well as ministering inside prisons.

Previously Angel had a rehab center for former prisoners but this ministry has been put on hold while the Association searches for a new site.


Byron and Becky Gudino


Isaiah 61
60 Marshall Shore Rd
Liberty, ME 04949

Apartado 17-17-1952
Quito, Ecuador, S.A.

Byron is teaching English in two different communities (one is an indigeneous one called Pitanavajo) in order to get to know the people in each place and share the gospel with them. They provide scholarships for children to go to daycare and school supplies and uniforms as well, along with other miscellaneous social assistance and gospel outreaches.


  Carrie Smith


United World Mission
PO Box 602002
Charlotte, NC 28260-2002

Carrie Smith
Bible Home
Apdo 71-3011
Barva, Heredia Costa Rica
Carrie serves under UWM in Costa Rica

God has given Carrie a huge passion for Costa Rica. Since moving there in 2009, she has held a variety of roles, and is now the Small Group Coordinator of her church, Vida Abundante Heredia. Carrie's responsibilities include training and overseeing small group facilitators, as well as building a Small Group Core Team. She is also developing some discipleship materials related to spiritual formation in her church.

Carrie's missions organization, United World Mission, is providing her and several of her colleagues around the world with training on how to become a spiritual mentor and help others be more aware of God's presence, work, and Word in their lives. She is already mentoring a few young women and looks forward to continuing her own growth and accompanying others in theirs. She is also interested in the area of member care and anticipates receiving further training and getting more involved in providing care and support for her fellow missionaries.

Carrie graduated from Grove City College in 2008 with a B.A. in Spanish and finished her M.A. in Religion with a concentration in Christian Care and Counseling through an online/hybrid program with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2015.

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