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Welcome to the new Building Project Blog. 

Here you will find updates on how the construction is going with the new addition as well as photos and videos. 



Thanks for the opportunity to tour the new building. I am sad I will not get to teach there but rejoice that our children will have such a wonderful space to discover the wonder of Gods word and the joy of walking in truth.
I.e. Is much easier to pay attention to a lesson when the space heater is not calling you to toast your pencil and you can remove that bulky winter coat. What a blessing to have walls that block the sound of the class next door.
I know our pastors will enjoy real offices. With heat and bathrooms. Praise God for their faithful service
Thankyou to the construction crew for doing excellent work. Giving their best. Praying as the work proceeds all will be with out difficulties or injuries.

Praise God for the opportunity to tour the new building and write praises and prayers on the beams.
We give God the glory!

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