Christmas Spectacular Tickets

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We are sorry, but ALL TICKETS have been given out.


Performance Dates:
November 30, 7pm
December 1,  11am, 2pm & 7pm
December 2,   3pm
December 6,   7pm
December 7,   7pm
December 8,  11am, 2pm & 7pm
December 9,   3pm




Please send all request for Waiting List tickets to office@eabcministries. Please state the number you would like, date and time. Thank you
Is there any way that I could get (6) tickets for any show on December 8th or 9th?

If so, please let me know how and when I could get them.

Thank you, and enjoy the holiday season.
Love your Spectacular and have gone a few times. I got six tickets on Saturday but now am in need of ONE more ticket for the December 9 - 3 pm show. Do you have any extra tickets for that date? Can you please help? Thanks.

Is the 28th dress rehearsal? Tickets needed?

No ticket is needed.

Are tickets required for the performance on Wednesday, November 28th or is this the Dress Rehearsal? Thank you.


No tickets are required for the Dress Rehearsal.

I would like 6 tickets and will be there on the 10th to pick them up.
I will be out of town on the 10th when tickets are available, I would really like to get 6, will they be available after that date.

Tickets cannot be reserved prior to November 10th. You must be present on November 10th to receive tickets.

I would like to reserve 6 tickets for December 2nd -Sunday for 3'oclock.
I would like to pick them up at church in the office.
Thank You , Joyce

9 - 12 noon
What time does ticket distribution start on November 10? I remember our church members going in the morning. Thank you