Christmas Spectacular 2018 Ticket Distribution

Christmas Event Feature

 Save Saturday, November 10th
9 - 12 noon
to pick up your tickets!

You do not want to miss this opportunity.
Below are the performance dates and information

Performance Dates:

November 28, 7pm
November 29, 7pm
November 30, 7pm
December 1,  11am, 2pm & 7pm
December 2,   3pm
December 6,   7pm
December 7,   7pm
December 8,  11am, 2pm & 7pm
December 9,   3pm

Tickets are free and you must be present to obtain a ticket.

Limited to 6 tickets per adult.

No reserving of tickets prior to November 10th, 9 - 12pm


Tickets cannot be reserved prior to November 10th. You must be present on November 10th to receive tickets.

I would like to reserve 6 tickets for December 2nd -Sunday for 3'oclock.
I would like to pick them up at church in the office.
Thank You , Joyce

9 - 12 noon
What time does ticket distribution start on November 10? I remember our church members going in the morning. Thank you

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